Whoa, long time, no blog post!

Senior year has hit… and unfortunately that means that I’ve had to put the thing I enjoy the most (making recipes, taking photographs, and sharing them here!) to the side. Funny how that works. I have been the assistant stage manager of a show for the past 2 months so that has occupied my hours of good sunlight after school almost every day. Now that the show has opened, my hope is that I can get back into the swing of things and begin posting recipes more regularly again!

On a more fun note, Mark and I also had our homecoming and we celebrated Mark’s 18th birthday since we’ve last posted anything! Though school is always very work intensive, it has been a very good few months so far!


Today was quite an awesome treat. My family’s story was featured on Happy Herbivore! After my mom, a doctor, had a heart attack, and the reality of our serious family history of heart disease became clear, we jumped into this new lifestyle with open arms.

Lindsay Nixon’s blog and cookbooks were some of the best sources my family turned to in order to find easy, delicious meals during our initial diet and lifestyle switch. I especially love her dessert recipes because they are typically the healthiest versions of any treats that I can find!

I’m so excited to welcome all of the new visitors and followers I have had today. My heart is so happy knowing so many people are committed to lifelong health and happiness through a plant-based diet!


I have tons of new recipes that I have been stockpiling, including healthy pop tarts, a cheesy pasta sauce, and baked falafel! I can’t wait to share these with you very soon!

Have a great week,

Jenna 🙂


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